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SgK servers are running with the best latest custom plugins which allow our players enjoy game with the best registry and lowest latency.

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The most informative forum with all the information you need about gaming industry. You have a question, we have an answer..

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SgK is offering opportunity for players to become members, troopers, staff..Free steam games give away monthly, and much more..

About Silent Gun Killers

SGK was originally founded in the year of 2007 by Perfect One and Warrior. At first, SGK was a small clan consisting mostly of friends and in-game buddies. However, the clan quickly started to grow and by the year 2009, SGK Clan was amongst the first servers to have a custom server. Also, the community has reached outstanding popularity as our steam group had over 3000 active players in less than a year. However, throughout its history SGK has been through many ups and downs and despite the many changes in ownerships, it never failed to raise stronger every time.Till 2017 SGK expanded out for more game sources under leadership of Banana & 2bit, SGK had become a bigger and stronger community as our SGK gaming nowday.


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SGK 's 10th Aniversary

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